(Japan Vlog) Shopping in Costco, Bought Huge Foods and Favorite Chocolate #271

✧ 17 December, 2020 ✧ 27.126 views ✧ Travel & Events

Rion Ishida

Visiting Japan Costco in Osaka by Motorbike, introducing interesting items and how much it costs in Japan. It was a bad idea to visit Costco by motorbike cause foods are super big, but I enjoy shopping there and could get wonderful cheese tart from there!

Hope you enjoy spending a day with local Japanese (I was born and raised in Osaka)!

Here is the timeline of the video

0:00 Heading to Costco by Motorbike

1:41 Costco Store Tour and Interesting Stuffs

4:32 Preparing Foods and Drinks

7:00 Tryin Cheese Tart

8:54 Is Osaka's No.1 Rikuro's Cheese Cake Better?

10:38 Premium Strawberry Chocolates

14:31 Thank You Message

The video I have introduced

Rikuro's Cheese Cake : https://youtu.be/97dHvkt_lJ4

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